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Let's be real about the nervous system...

An overactive nervous system and stress response gets in the way of, well, almost *everything*. 


When your stress response is overactive, you’re… 


  • Low on energy

  • Can’t remember what “quality sleep” feels like

  • Easily overwhelmed or irritable

  • Robbed of your concentration and productivity

  • Operating at a low confidence level

  • Dealing with stomach issues and headaches constantly

  • Managing a mind that won’t “switch off”


And at some point, you might wonder — when will my stress response stop running my life?


I totally get it. You’re sick and tired (literally), and you know that something's gotta change — ASAP. 


This is where you get the tools to retrain the stress response in the body and mind and not only take back your life, but to accomplish more of what matters to you. And I’m here to help.

Hi! I'm Dr. Julia

Creator of the Mind-Body Mastery System

I first learned about the connection between physical + emotional health working in primary care clinics in a large hospital. Here I met many individuals, just like you, suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic digestive issues, and other medical issues despite living a “healthy lifestyle” and following medical advice.

If only they knew sooner that their struggles  were due to a clear culprit-an overactive stress response.

professional pic with blue_edited.jpg

This made me wonder: How many people out there are struggling in their lives? Struggling with their physical health, attention and productivity, relationships, etc., without knowing that their stress response was the real culprit?

My experience in working  with thousands of people suffering from an overactive stress response getting in the way of their professional and personal lives, as well as the belief that knowledge is power, led me to develop the Mind-Body Mastery System.

It has been so exciting for me to watch my clients completely transform their lives after learning my method to retrain their stress response and improve their sleep, for good. I can’t wait to do the same with you!

Credentials + Education

Experience you can Trust

Health and Neurosychologist

Behavioral Medicine and Insomnia Specialist

Triple P Positive Parenting Consultant

Certified Group Fitness Instructor with the American Council on Exericse (ACE)

Weight Management and Behavior Change Specialist with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) Trained Specialist

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