Discover how to End the Struggle with Stress



You're ready to take your life back.

And as a go-getter, you know the only thing that will make that possible is getting a handle on all of the stress symptoms that block you from feeling your best:

  • Low energy

  • Restless sleep

  • Irritability

  • Anxious, racing thoughts

  • Stress Headaches

  • Tension


   And more.

You’re already one step ahead, because you’re HERE.


Thinking about making a change to your lifestyle, to your mindset, and more. Knowing something is just off but feeling like you can’t get to the root. Frustrated that you’ve tried so many ways to overcome and relieve stress, but nothing seems to have truly worked or resolved how you feel.

All you need are the right tools, and the rest is magic.


What I see for your future is…


  • Waking up refreshed and ready to rock your day

  • Holding conversations with your people feeling attentive, positive and energetic

  • Many, many nights of sleeping like a baby

  • Confidence in working towards your career goals (minus burnout and anxiety)

  • A nourished body that runs like clockwork


Future You is looking pretty confident, happy and healthy. And while you may be thinking… Really? Can that be me?

I know it to be true.


My method isn’t another “plan” that just tells you what to do. It helps you understand the keys to stress relief and how each piece of the puzzle plays a vital role in helping you feel like the best version of yourself.


That’s why it’s all about stress mastery here. Because when you work with me, you learn to relieve your stress so you can truly master your life. 

Let’s go.

Here's the really good news.

Meet: The Master Stress Method

A 4-step process that provides a massive sense of stress relief with sustainable techniques to help you elevate your wellbeing for life.

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Step 1

We create your unique understanding of stress and the many elements that go into managing it — the how, what and why of stress relief.

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Step 2

We start building your stress awareness system, so you can naturally step in to prevent and manage stress early on, as soon as you start spotting the signs.

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Step 3

We dive deep into the physical, behavioral, cognitive, lifestyle, and relationship tools to reduce stress for life. (Seriously!)

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Step 4

We put it all together for a customized stress relief game plan that supports you and ensures you sit in the driver's seat of your life moving forward!


Master the Method and Reclaim your Life

You’ll gain…


  • An expert-level understanding of the stress relief puzzle, and how all the pieces fit together to prevent chronic stress from running your life.

  • A fully developed stress awareness system to prevent and manage stress early before it gets in your way

  • Extensive tools to reduce stress in the long-term 

  • Improved attention, concentration, and productivity at work

  • High quality sleep and improved energy

  • Increased confidence to go after your goals

  • Improved emotional and physical well being 


This method is for you if… 


  • You feel ready to master and relieve stress, for good

  • You’re open to exploring the stress roadblocks holding you back, and moving them out of the way

  • You want to take control of your life and your wellbeing

  • You’re open to learning and implementing new strategies to master stress once and for all

Pick your Path to Stress Mastery

Take Charge of your Life

The Master Stress Solo

An 8-part, self-guided stress mastery program designed for you to learn the method on your own time with lessons and at-home practice with tools

This includes: 

  • Full access to the method in a comprehensive, 8 lesson course

  • Permanent access to videos for each lesson

  • All handouts and materials to support your learning 

  • Weekly self-guided exercises to enhance concepts

*This is for you if you are ready for a change and want to master stress on your own time

The Stress Mastery Group Kickstart

An 8-week, group coaching program designed to teach you how to master your stress with the support of your peers


This includes:


  • Eight, 90-minute coaching calls with Dr. Julia

  • Regular check-ins between sessions to enhance your success

  • Weekly, custom, at-home master stress exercises

  • Full access to digital modules outlining the Master Stress Method

*Perfect for you if you're ready to take charge with the support of a group

Master Your Stress Like A Pro

An in-depth, 8-week coaching program designed to support you in every way to move out of high stress and into greater control of your life

This includes:


  • Weekly, 50-minute coaching calls over 8 weeks

  • Regular check-ins between sessions for in-depth implementation + accountability

  • Full access to digital modules outlining the entire Master Stress Method

  • Weekly custom, at-home stress exercises

*This is for you if you're ready to dive in and master stress from all angles


Are you a parent? You’ll receive additional support to help you navigate parenthood with more confidence and positivity. Click here to learn more!

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