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Fuel your Body to Reduce Stress + Boost Productivity

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Feeling sluggish, blah, and unmotivated at work, at home, or with the family? Low energy and motivation can hinder productivity, and low productivity increases stress and frustration. What if I told you that the foods we eat also have a huge impact on our stress levels, overall mood, and ability to get after our goals? Follow the tips below to reduce stress, boost energy, and hustle hard.

1) Build a Healthy Plate

Ensure you're getting a variety of nutrients by building a healthy and well-balanced plate. Fill your plate ½ with veggies and fruit, ¼ lean protein (think chicken breast, turkey, fish), and ¼ complex carb (brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, etc.).

This well-balanced plate will reduce stress and increase energy and productivity. Make sure to include a little bit of healthy fat (avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc.) to help with satiety. Eating a well balanced meal also helps to stabilize blood sugar so you’re not getting hangry (hungry +angry) mid-day.

2) Fill your Plate with Brightly Colored Fruits + Veggies

A diet high in fruits and vegetables is going to provide you with essential nutrients, give you energy, help fight off illness, and reduce stress levels. When we eat nutritious foods that decrease stress, our attention, energy and productivity improve.

Start your grocery trip by walking the perimeter of the store where you will find all the brightly colored, non-processed foods. Frozen fruits and veggies are okay too (and usually less expensive!), just make sure there are no added sugars or other preservatives. When in doubt, choose color!

3) Limit Foods Linked to High Stress and Chronic Medical Issues

Processed foods, added sugars, caffeine/alcohol, and trans fats have been shown to have a negative impact on mood and overall health. High stress eating can lead to chronic medical issues, weight gain, and fatigue.

Focus on adding foods that fuel your day and provide you with steady energy, and limit foods that are deep fried, high in added sugar, and can sit on a shelf for a long time.


Follow the tips above to fuel your body to reduce stress, boost concentration and energy, and increase productivity so you can feel your best. Lets chat if you want further guidance on low stress eating!